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Online newspaper: Kathmandu Metro

Online book “Political Evolution In Nepal” July 23, 2007

Online book “Emerging New Nepal” July 15, 2007

Political “Story of Dashain Returnee” Ocotber 26, 2008

Political “After Dashain Cocktail” Ocotber 26, 2008

Cultural “Tihar: The Festival of Enjoyment” October 26, 2008
Economy “Nepalese Budget for Fiscal Year 2008″ September 20, 2008
Cultural “Ganesh Cauthi or Chatha” September 19, 2008

Political “Toward CA Election in Nepal” April 05, 2008

Political “Making of Constitution of Nepal” April 05, 2008

Political “China Cracks Down on Tibetans” March 21, 2008

Political “Claims And Counter Claims” March 18, 2008

Political “CA Election And Potential Winners” March 12, 2008

Political “Madheshi Movement and Politics of Deceit” March 02, 2008

Political “Celebrating Democracy Day In Nepal” February 20, 2008

Political “Political Confusion in Nepal” February 14, 2008

Political “Integration of PLA into Nepali Army” February 08, 2008

Political “CA Electiion in Nepal” February 01, 2008

Political “O! Kantipur” January 28, 2008

Political “Is Democratic Culture Flourishing in Nepal” January 28, 2008

Political “Restructuring Nepal” January 28, 2008
Political “Nepal Becomes Federal Democratic Republic” January 02, 2008

Political “Criminals Ruling Nepal” December 31, 2007

Political “The Pros and Cons of Prachanda’s Call” December 14, 2007

Political “Madheshi Front Challenge to NC” December 14, 2007

Cultural “Sita Bibaha Panchami: The Festival of Divine Wedding” December 11, 2007

Cultural “Bala-chaturdasi” December 10, 2007

Political “Peace Process In Nepal” December 08, 2007

Political “Nepalese Politics In the Doldrums” December 07, 2007
Political “Maoists’ Movement” September 13, 2007

Political “Is NC Not Royalist Party?” September 13, 2007

Political “Probability of Constituent Assembly Polls” August 26, 2007

Judicial “Truth And Recoliation Commission” August 24, 2007

Political “Assault on free Press?” August 18, 2007

Political “In Support Of Corruption In Nepal” July 07, 2007

Social “Feeling free at home” June 10, 2007

Political “Peole’s third movement is in the offing” May 26, 2007

Political “Celebrating a Loktantra Day in Nepal” April 25, 2007

Political “Coalition Government in Nepal” April 04, 2007

Political “Gaur Massacre” March 26, 2007

Cultural “Holi- Hurling Colors at Peers” March 18, 2007

Political “Nepal Became a Republican” March 18, 2007

Political “King Gyanendra Stretches the Truth” March 04, 2007

Political “Illusion or Reality” Jan 27, 2007

Political “Peace Still Elusive” Jan. 18, 2007

Political “Change, Not status Quo” Jan. 09, 2007

Political “Republic or Not: Gratest Moral Issue” Jan. 02, 2007

Current Relevant Publications

Lo-sar: The New Year Festival

Happy New Year to You All

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As soon as you open this website you find the folders containing articles on your left. Click on the folder of your choice; pops up the list of articles on your right. Then click on the article of your choice to get it on your screen. Have a nice time to read the article. Siddhi B. Ranjitkar
Happy New Year 1127 to All Nepalis living wherever they are. Be proud of being Nepalis and having an unique Nepalese calendar called Nepal Sambat.